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Real Rust In One Hour For Your Props And Sets

Brutal Rust Furnace

Brutal Rust is the real thing!

We pulled this furnace out of an 18th century warehouse in Midland, Texas. It took six professional wrestlers and a crane to rip the furnace out of the foundation and up through the old roof. Psych! It’s just Brutal Rust. The furnace was created out of foam and wood by

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, we really appreciate your help with the furnace. It’s professionals like you that give men in tights a good name! read more

Brutal Rust

Got Paint.. Now What?

So you just got your Brutal Rust paint and don’t know how to use it? No worries my friend. We have put together some videos created entirely in braille for your convenience.

If you are having trouble viewing our braille videos, please donate twenty five dollars to one of our favorite charities Helen Keller International. Seriously. read more

Brutal Rust Furnace

Hand me my Gold Toofy!

We will be releasing several Brutal Rust t-shirts and stickers in the future. All of our threads are recycled bed sheets from Folsom Prison. As a matter of fact, your dollars could help an innocent inmate put a stamp on his next letter to Congressman Rohrabacher. Don’t you feel like an outstanding citizen? You should!

So go ahead and buy a shirt or two. We thank you for your support and so does Slick Willy in D block. Coming Soon