Brutal Rust Manual


Brutal Rust is the original!

Brutal Rust is our flagship product that put Brutal Rust on the map! Brutal Rust is the original! Imitated but never duplicated! It has been the industry standard in the Haunted House, SFX, and Film Industry for more than a decade! This product has been used at major theme parks such as Six Flags, Disney, and Universal Studios, as well as most every major Haunted House around the globe. The film industry caught glimpse of the coating and scenic artists have coveted it for years as an industry trade secret. It is the go to product for all the major film studios and has been used on countless film sets. In recent years Escape Rooms have garnered the product for not only its look, but the feel as well. Hands down the most durable product on the market and the only complete coating system in its class. Meets ASTM D-4236 and Zero VOC

Three Levels of Rust

original | Coarse | fine

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