Fallout Manual


the perfect solution for scenic designers

Fallout was originally designed to be used with our transparent architectural coating and topcoat application Quarantine. Now sold separately from Quarantine it can be mixed into any water based paint coating you have. This special metal blend has a graphitic microstructure cast that will rust when added to any paint of your choosing once activated by our RedOx Activator. This is the perfect solution for scenic designers on a budget or painters rusting many different colors on a single project. Add to paint as needed while using and use immediately once mixed, do not store with metal mixed into the coatings due to the lack of stabilizing agents in standard water based paint.

Fallout can also be used with any other Brutal Rust architectural coating system to enhance mega rust is specific areas. This will give the gnarled deep red and pitted rust effect in localized areas. Just shake over the top of the other coatings while wet prior to activation. The hide of the paint will bottom-lock to the Fallout particles allowing for excessive catalytic reaction aiding in top coat oxidation making the most dramatic pitting and rust effect also achieving dye lock transparent, translucent, and opaque runs.

catalytic reaction

gnarled deep red and pitted rust

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