Brutal Rust

Brutal Rust has been manufacturing water base paint products and architectural coatings since 2010. Our continued focus on oxidized and corroded Finishes has made us a global leader in distressing and decay.

Brutal Rust’s product lineup of architectural  coatings, paint, and stain collections are available globally and have been shipped to North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The faux corrosion and special effect products have been used in countless film and television productions, more than 2,500 haunted attractions world wide, hundreds of Escape Rooms, and numerous Theatrical Productions.

When it comes to choosing specialty coatings, stains and cementitious materials for do-it-yourself projects to a large scale architectural specification, Brutal Rust makes a coating suitable for the job!  

PERFECT FOR:  • DIY • Hospitality • Commercial/Retail • Residential • Corporate Offices • Casinos • Theme Parks • Haunted Attractions • Special Effects • Films • Theater Productions • Escape Games

Thank you,
The Brutal Rust Team

Meet the Brutal Rust Team

At Brutal Rust, we hold the quality of our products to the highest standards. Every Brutal Rust product is made in house. It is crucial to understand not only how to use the different products but also how to store them for later use. Please visit our "How-To" section for product instructions.

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