How To Use Brutal Rust Paint



Brutal Rust paint was created to cover everything from wood to PVC with a gnarly, rusted finish. Brutal Rust is a water based paint. The Brutal Rust paint will continue to rust for the life of your project.


1. Open your container of Brutal Rust. If the can has been closed for a while, you will notice that the paint has separated. This is normal.

2. If you're using a gallon or more of Brutal Rust, pour it into a 5 gallon bucket. This will allow adequate working space to mix the paint before and during use.

3. Using your preferred method for mixing, (we use a drill and paint paddle), mix the paint thoroughly. You will want to make sure that all of the Brutal Rust metals have mixed back into the paint.

4. Once the paint is thoroughly mixed, dip your paint brush and begin stippling (dabbing / stabbing) the paint onto your project. You can also use a texture hopper to spray Brutal Rust onto your project. We prefer to use a stipple technique vs. traditional up/down strokes. The stippling will remove any brush marks.

5. During the painting process, continue to stir the Brutal Rust paint. This will help keep the metals suspended in the paint.

6. The paint color will go on as a gun-metal gray. Once the Brutal Rust paint has had time to cure, it will be very rusty with reds, oranges and dark variants of gray.

7. If the paint job is fairly quick (less than 10 minutes), you can wait until the end of the project to activate the paint. If the paint job is larger and will take more than 10 minutes, you should paint for a few minutes and then activate the paint.

8. Activating is very easy. NOTE: You must activate your project while the paint is still wet. Liberally spray your project with RedOx Activator. You want to completely saturate your Brutal Rust paint with activator. Once you have activated the paint, wait a few minutes (5 - 10 minutes) and then do it once again. If you want drips, you should apply a lot of activator in one area and let it run. This technique will create a rusted, drip line on the project.

9. Brutal Rust paint cure time depends on how thick the paint was applied, the temperature, and humidity.


When you are finished with your project, clean your brushes, buckets and hands with water. The Brutal Rust paint will clean up easily. TIP: WD-40 on the hands will really help remove the paint from the skin.

Close up the paint cans and place in a temperature friendly (less than 95 degrees) storage area. Set a reminder to either shake the can or flip the can every month. This will help keep the metal suspended in the paint. It's not mandatory, but will help the next time you need to mix it before use.


1. The Brutal Rust paint works best in temperatures lower than 95 degrees. If you have to paint a project in 95+ degree weather, please do so in the shade and either later in the evening or in the early morning. If used in direct sunlight, Brutal Rust paint will cure quicker than the oxidization process can occur.

2. Brutal Rust paint loves humidity. If you live in an area that is high in humidity, consider yourself lucky. The more moisture in the air the better.

3. Using Brutal Rust on PVC is easy to do. If you are going to put the PVC in a high traffic area, you might want to try the following tips. 1. Prime the PVC with self etching primer. Alternatively, you can use 3M 77 Spray Glue. Simply spray the project with 77 and let it dry. This will create enough of a hide for the Brutal Rust paint.