How To Use Lemp Brick


The Lemp Series can be used in multiple ways:

Using Lemp Brick and Mortar can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be. In its simplest application, you would simply mix up the Lemp Mortar, stipple it onto your project where a mortar line would be and then stipple on the Lemp Brick where the brick would go. This will protect your project and give you a very clean and crisp faux brick structure.

Here is how we do things at Brutal Rust:

  1. Carve your foam project.
  2. You'll need: Flex-Coat
  3. Mix up Flex-Coat and cover your foam. Once cured, the Flex-Coat will provide a protective shell for your carved foam project.
  4. Mix up Lemp Mortar. Take a cheap chip brush and stipple the Mortar over every mortar line on the project. This will add another protective barrier to your project. At this stage of the process, you have the option of using our line of Brutal Decay stains to color / weather the Lemp Mortar. You would do this step while the Lemp Mortar is still wet.
  5. Mix up the Lemp Brick and stipple it onto all of the brick surfaces. Once again, you can opt to use the Brutal Decay stains to “dirty” up the clean brick color. This should also be done while the Lemp Brick is wet.
  6. Once the Lemp products are dry, you can add in another step for a super weathered / gritty mortar.
  7. Mix up another batch of Flex-Coat and carefully apply it to the mortar lines on  your project. Thick and uneven makes for a very old brick look. Use Brutal Decay stains to “dirty” up the wet Flex-Coat.

Want More?

Other steps can be added if you want to use two different colors of Lemp Brick. This can be accomplished by using a new bottle of Brutal Decay “Black Mold” or “Water Damage”. Take the new bottle of concentrated Brutal Decay and slowly add it to a small container of Lemp Brick. This will darken the Lemp Brick color. Apply this color of Lemp Brick to your project first. Once the dark color is on the project, you can paint over parts with the traditional Lemp Brick. This will give you the type of brick you might find in old London.

The usage options are endless.